I hope my explaining helps you to find the lan

The lan will be in Germany/NRW/52379 Langerwehe

if you have problems to find the lan, phone me

0491712101939 Colling <-> WalkingStick


First of all you have to be on highway A4 (Aachen-Köln)

If you come from Aachen (Aken)...    1

leave the highwey here    2

and turn left at the trafficlights in direction of Langerwehe


3 If you come from Köln (Colonge)...

leave the highway here            4

and drive straigt the trafficlights in the direction of Langerwehe        


after 1 km turn left at the trafficlights in direction of Düren...You will drive through Weisweiler now. Always in direction of Düren/Langerwehe

drive straight in direction of Düren    7

after 2 km you will reach a rotary. Turn right at the rotary. After 200 m you will reach Langerwehe. After 300 m you have to turn right. The name of the street is Auf der Kämpen 3


if you see this house...you got it :)

Lets kick arse