A sad day at OAP


We have to pay respects to one of our always happy fragging members


Sadly Aaron's grandfather died after a hard struggle and the

holy man has called him to be beside him now. He will be watching his

grandson from above now, from a place far between the stars.


Aaron our sincerest condolences, we wish you and your family

 strenght in these hard times. We will be here to support you, for a chat,...


You know where to find us , OAP is more than just some gamers, its a family.

We stick together in good and bad times.


Yours truly ,the OAP members :

Walkingstick, Grandfather, Totocop's, Datrh, Kahn, Foree, Tobgun, Cyke, Spica

GrampsJr, Athron, Sexy Belly, Reobibii, Slowmoe, Techniker, Fragbaby, Zetla

Tower, Sw!tch, Virusss, Skinupskunk, Sarge, Manutoo, TarQQ, BoK, Sylvidra

Sundancer and Icy Frost.