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08.02.2010 (New FORUM)

BarrysWorld Q3 DM Leagues    ClanBase    BarrysWorld    The CLQ    CTF@OAP

TDM-Training will be every Monday and Thursday between 10 and 11 pm. TDM-Tactics (pdf) 3,2MB

CTF-Training will be every Wednesdy at 8pm

We will meet us at icq latest 10 min before each training.



by WalkingStick



[OAP]thegrandfather alias thegrandfather

[OAP]WalkingStick alias OAPSticky


[OAP]Tarqq alias Tarqq



by WalkingStick

  Guestbook is back
  new forums... thx Morph

by Khan

Hi all,
a new member again for the CTF-Squad, Dominator! Jack and I (Khan) picked her up on a public-ctf-server!
Also Kuga is back with a new internet-connection, he will defend our flag! And he will set up a server for us!
Okay, and last but not least, JackBurton will make a new clanpage for us, he will post something about that soon in our forum! That`s all for the moment!
Greetz Jan-Khan
Hi friends/mates, will go offline at the 30.4.2002....[never happened (WalkingStick 17.01.2010)]
and all oap-mail accounts will be gone too.
That doesn't mean that OAP has to die. In 100 years Gramps will still play Quake. And as long as OAP has got members, OAP will go one.
All you need is a new domian and host for a oap-clan page.

Because of lots of private stuff i will stop playing Q3.
I had the best time of my life during i played Q3. I found lots of new friends. All members of OAP-clan are really nice people.
I will miss you all, and my best wishes to everybody of you.

I am proud that i was a part of the famous OAP(circus)-clan

frag you later



by -Finn-

  Barrysworld tdmleague season 8 kicked off for OAP yesterday with amatch vs B2B.

We were afraid of being slaughtered now that we are placed in div3 but it ended up being a rather exiting match. More so on dm14tmp than on cpm4 though, cpm4 was lost by a difference of 45 frags. We didn't seem to be able to get our 'normal rythem' going there.
dm14tmp was very close for almost the entire map, with 'teams are tied' a few minutes before the end of the map. Sadly we lost the last powerups there making it easy for B2B to win with a fragdifference of 23. Well gg's to both teams and thx for the game B2B!

This promises to be an exiting bwdml-season for OAPtdm-team, especially when the new maps will come up in the next couple of weeks.

11.02.2002 TDM
HemoStick will help our team to survive at BarrysLeagues

Welcome to [OAP]clan

10.02.2001 hehe, at least i got a few things updated...
  Chester and Boudstyle are new member of OAP (ähhmm...since weeks already)
  Welcomne to [OAP]clan

and i am sorry to tell you that Foree has left OAP :(  He was member of OAP for more than 2 years !! But we lost him not completely. He is still interested in joining our lanparties :). 

Goodbye Foree, and best wishes for the future

yours  [OAP]

30.12.2001 CTF
  OAP has got an official CTF squad.
  Our CTF team is registrated at kuh3liga .
  If you are interested in playing CTF, contact [OAP]Khan or [OAP]WalkingStick
  To be able to play CTF we need a few more members. Bloom and Jack Burton want to help us to get a ctf team running. A few new member will follow.

Welcome to [OAP]clan

We got a new member since "a few" weeks. It seems that the webmaster starts lagging everywhere now  :/

Hi Cods :)

Welcome to [OAP]clan

20.10.2001 Barrysworld
Finaly we made it to the Barraysworld Leagues . :)
03.10.2001 Lan-Party
Zere recorded a film at the lanparty. its nothing special... but if you wanna have a look ? :)

7:28min avi file 73,9MB 384:288  right mouseklick, save as...

21.10.2001  film had to get removed because of  webspace

26.09.2001 Lan-Party
The best Lan-party ever is over and done. More
17.09.2001 Lan-Party
  Our 3rd. meeting is getting closer. Please take a look a the lanpage .

 We wish everybody a good time :).


04.08.2001 new poinrelease 1.29h beta
28.07.2001 new poinrelease 1.29g beta
  -Finn- and WalkingStick joined the 2on2 Ladder at Clanbase
27.06.2001 bad news from barrysworld leagues
24.06.2001 screenshot of the week
  We are gonna join Barrysworld TDM Leagues. More infos about it are available next week. 

Sign up for WPDM Leagues will be next week. We gonna join WPDML as well :).

Our "Old Forum" is still available...temporary

  Nobody is really happy with our forum...its slow, full with bugs and lots of banners. But nobody thought about Aaron. Our flash-master set up a new forum for, without banners and even nicer as the old one. Both forums will be linked now..but at least only Aarons will stay. Lets finsh all discussions on our "old" Forum and lets try the new one.

Thx Aaron , we all love you :)

  Q3 Pointrelease 1.29f beta
17.06.2001 by WalkingStick
  OAP page neary finished. I hope i will complete our page this week.
  Bo will help us to fight against all that mad players from outside OAP...if there are any mad players except us

Welcome to [OAP]clan

  Old Forums are not linked anymore but still available: Forum / Members Only

A new forum was necessary because clanintern is not for free anymore.

  New Forum ...Our old Forum and members only will get deleted soon.
  Now its official. Funky & Groovy Lisa is member of the OAP frag family. She is our third female-natural born killer-member. I am happy that we havn't got a lady squad...OAP does prefer mixed teams :).

Welcome to [OAP]clan

11.05.2001 The mad-OAP-clan did it !! :) Congratulations
  The first season of the WPDML is over. Our first league we played ever. During the whole league we lost only one map! Personally effort, dedication and discipline during the whole season was the reason for our successful teamplay. Constructive suggestions about tactics and to improve our teamplay threshed out small discrepancy. Our teamplay has good prospects to reach a high(er) level. Even our pessimistic members will see light in the forest now :). It will be a big  pleasure for us to prepare our team for another TDM season.

private pages to post stuff about our teamplay (tactics, tips and tricks) and a link-page are in preperation.

  We have a fantastic new intro now. Thx to Morphs :)

A few of our players went inactive to make room for two new members. Chakotay and Kuschelmon joined OAP. We know chakotay since month now. He is a great player. Thats not a big surprise because he is coached by Sexy Belly. Kuschelmon is our second female member. She will become a good player also, because she is coached by Spica.

It took some time, but the lanpics are uploaded now. 



12.4.2001  new logo added

Logo - preview

Info about Logo